March 12 2018 Seattle

All Things

The first conference ever focused completely on TypeScript! Beyond the typical introduction to TypeScript talk, we’ll spend the day discussing best practices and advanced features of the language, including information from key members of the TypeScript team. All in an informal and fun environment!

Keynote Speaker Anders Hejlsberg

Anders is a core developer and architect for TypeScript at Microsoft. He previously helped create C#, Turbo Pascal, and Delphi. Anders will share his thoughts on the present and future of TypeScript.

Presenting sponsor SitePen

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TSConf 2018 is going to be a fun event filled with useful talks and passionate people. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from and spend time with the TypeScript community!

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Speak at TSConf

Do you have an interesting experience or set of lessons to share about TypeScript? Are there advanced features that you find particularly interesting? If so, please propose your talk idea by January 15th and we’ll announce the full schedule by the end of January.