Each year, the TSConf team endeavors to gather the most interesting presenters who will share their best TypeScript experiences and passionately engage with the growing TypeScript community.
The SitePen team is committed to achieving technical objectives, solving critical business problems, and building applications the right way, the first time. Focused on lean and healthy engineering best practices, we partner with our customers to fill expertise gaps throughout the SDLC to build real-world solutions alongside successful, engaged teams.
As the steward of the TypeScript project, Microsoft is committed to delivering world-class experiences for developers, through programming languages, tools, and services.
Dojo is a modern, reactive TypeScript-first framework for building robust, enterprise-grade web applications. Productive, adaptable, and inclusive, Dojo enables teams to build web applications with a deliberate approach to productivity, sustainability, and code management. It allows for easy integration with the most powerful solutions available today on the open web with accessibility and internationalization as priorities to fully serve the Enterprise.
TalkScript takes the collective knowledge of veteran enterprise engineers and does the unthinkable by not keeping it a secret. We plan our episodes by asking ourselves whether the esoteric knowledge we’ve acquired is really worth sharing with anyone and our answer is almost always a resounding “YES!” The industry leaders who frequently join us as guests are so amazing that even we’re surprised they’re willing to talk to us. Whether you work in the enterprise, a small team, or just code for fun, our love of JavaScript and TypeScript, frameworks, web standards, and big-picture ideas about development are sure to make TalkScript your type of podcast!
HalfStack events are authentic, creative JavaScript and web celebrations. Hosted in various cities around the world and online, HalfStack inspires us to create more with the web platform.
DHD are a multi-award winning digital marketing agency specialisng in website design and development. Our 7 strong team is made up of passionate designers, developers & storytellers. We've been working with clients all over the world for almost 13 years, helping them improve their brand strategy and tell their story.
Vito hubs are fun, simple-to-use spaces that participants can join and use before, during and after your show. Instead of trying to replicate in-person experiences, why not embrace the web, unconstrained by space or time? Use Vito to bring folx together. Create a hub. Invite your people. Share videos, live-streams, pages and conversations.
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