TypeScript Experts

Our presenters range from a myriad of backgrounds — from independent developers, to engineers of large startups, to the TypeScript team themselves. Come prepared to be inspired by peers and see what's next for the community.

Anders Hejlsberg

Keynote Presenter

Anders is a core developer and architect for TypeScript at Microsoft. He previously helped create C#, Turbo Pascal, and Delphi. Anders will share his thoughts on the present and future of TypeScript.

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Nick Nisi, Flywheel


Nick Nisi is an elite software engineer who is a veteran of open source web development, a lover of karaoke, an advocate for diversity in tech, a conference organizer extraordinaire, a lover of new experiences, and a beacon of expertise, kindness and hope for his development team.

Nick lives with his wife Danivia and his daughter, Emi amidst the corn fields of Nebraska. Oh and he doesn’t eat anything except chicken nuggets.

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Josh Thomas, Ionic

"Building StencilJS with TypeScript"

Josh is a senior developer at Ionic and one of the creators of StencilJS. When he is not watching Moana with his wife and daughters, he is organizing the next Madison JavaScript meet up or thinking about his next 6 month obsession be it cryptocurrency, sneaker collecting or woodworking.

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Sarah Higley, SitePen

"Escape the Office: Designing Interfaces for Other Developers"

Sarah Higley is a JavaScript developer at SitePen, currently working on developing widgets for the Dojo 2 web framework. She cares a lot about web accessibility, and spends an unhealthy amount of time reading about WCAG updates.

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Mohsen Azimi, Lyft

"End-to-end type safety with Swagger and TypeScript"

Mohsen is a senior software engineer at Lyft, is a long-time TypeScript enthusiast and has written and open-sourced a TypeScript transformer for React components. Mohsen is one of the co-authors of Swagger (OpenAPI) specifications and built Swagger tools including Swagger Editor. He has given talks at meetups about React and TypeScript and last year, presented his project, m.lyft.com, at Chrome Dev Summit.

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Bowen Ni, Google

"TypeScript at Google"

Bowen is a software engineer at Google. He has been a member of the TypeScript team in Mountain View focused on developer productivity.


David Sherret, Synaptive Medical

"Static Analysis and Source Code Manipulation in TypeScript"

David is a software developer in the healthcare industry, currently working on surgical planning and navigation software for neurosurgery at Synaptive Medical in Toronto, Canada. In the past, he has worked on several projects including ones for supporting the logistics behind specialty pharmaceuticals and technology for reducing health insurance fraud. When not coding, David enjoys playing soccer, squash, and practicing piano.

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Mike Lazer-Walker, Independent

"When Cross-Platform Is An Understatement: Making Weird Physical Games With TypeScript"

Mike Lazer-Walker is a Berlin-based artist and engineer who makes interactive art, experimental games, and software tools.

As a game designer and artist, his work has been featured at the events ranging from IndieCade and the Game Developer's Conference to arts institutions such as the Wellcome Collection and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. As an engineer and designer, he's worked at companies like Pivotal Labs and Etsy, and contributed to beloved games and apps such as Words With Friends and Timehop. Until recently, he worked with the Playful Systems research group at the MIT Media Lab, where his research focused on storytelling at the intersection of experiential theatre, interactive fiction, and augmented reality.

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